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New Lip Balms!

How adorable are these little fruit shaped lip glosses that I recently picked up?!

 moly photo 4

I had read an article a couple months back about how Urban Outfitters was planning on expanding their beauty department by offering popular Asian makeup and skincare products that aren’t available to the typical American consumer.  Now at the time I thought that the products would only be available at their flagship stores or via their website…so I was thrilled to see these cute little guys at my nearby store! :)

Now it would be TOTALLY acceptable for me to say that I bought these lip balms because of the super adorable packaging…but I’ve actually tried a few different TONYMOLY products (presents from friends who have traveled overseas), so I knew I would actually use these up.

photo 2

And unlike many other tinted or slightly colored lip balms, these TONYMOLY mini lip balms actually contain SPF15!  Bonus!!

So far I have been loving everyone’s reactions when I pull one of these lip balms out of my purse.  They are always curious where I purchased them at and if they are any good.  If you don’t have an Urban Outfitters near you, here is a direct link to where you can purchase them online! :)



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Veiled Faces

As you can see, I have updated my blog layout.  Now I’ve been toying with the idea of giving the format a little bit of a face lift for quite sometime; but actually finding something that works for my exact needs has taken even longer.  But I finally have settled upon the format you see before you now…and so far, I am really liking how it has turned out!

I guess you could say that it’s a day of “unveiling”…okay, sorry that was a horrible intro into my next topic.  Ha.

I don’t know what it is but I have been draw to veiled faces in photography lately.  I am sure there is some deep-seated psychological reasoning behind this…like I am trying to hide some sort of secret, or perhaps I have some irrational fear of tanning…all that to say, I just think it looks cool.

Check out these photo’s that I have been digging lately…

starveil horns crown black scarf hat city

(All images are from We Heart It)



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Christmas Presents

I have always loved reading haul blog posts…especially Christmas and Birthday present hauls!

So I thought it would be fun to share all of the wonderful fashion, home decor, and beauty related gifts that I was blessed with from my loved ones this past Christmas.  So let’s get started!!

My brother was super generous this year and gifted me with 3 awesome pairs of Nike trainers!NikeTrainers

NikeTrainersSideViewHe did such a great job in picking out cute styles with fun colors!  And I just bought a Nike+ chip over the holidays, so I am excited to try that out.ScarfAhavaPouchI received this beautiful scarf from one of my sweet friends.  I have been wearing it almost every single day since I got it, it is so soft and warm!  And I have been loving this AHAVA hand cream (which smells sooo good) and cute sequin pouch from Ann Taylor that I received from my Aunt.MakeupHaulI also received a bunch of fun new beauty related items!!!  I am lip product junky…so I have been loving both the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in color Pink Frosting & the Smashbox Lip Gloss in color Ruby (pictured towards the bottoms of the above picture) from some of my girlfriends.

So funny story…my Mother handed both my sister and I square wrapped packages and told us that we could swap them or keep what we were about to unwrap…well as luck would have it my sister got a palette that totally suits her coloring and I ended up opening this Benefit “Feelin’ Dandy” palette that suits my lighter skin tone.BenefitFeelingDandyI really haven’t had a chance to use this palette much since I got it, but I have owned Benefit’s High Beam in the past and loved using it as a highlighter…and I have always wanted to try the Posie Tint!Clinique Chubby SticksMy Aunt was also super sweet and gave me this adorable 3 pack of Clinique Chubby Sticks in colors Two Ton Tomato, Pudgy Peony, and Voluptuous Violet.  I love how they look like giant crayons!

My mother had also asked me right before Christmas what I wanted from Santa and I told her that I needed a new blowdryer (with retractable cord), bobby pins, and hair ties.  So guess what Santa brought me?! :)


Well it’s getting late…and because I don’t want this post to drag on, I thought I would split it up into two separate posts.  I will try and post the second part of my present haul tomorrow. :)



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Early Bird

I am nearly done with all of my Christmas shopping and let me just say…it feels so good!

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was able to knock out most of my gift list.  I think with a little preparation before Thanksgiving…creating a list with presents I planned on buying and where I was going to get them, and many hours checking online deals…I was able to stay within budget and get everyone gifts I think they will all love!

So with that said, I now only have a few more “food” gifts that will need to be picked up right before Christmas , but besides those I am done!!  Woot!

Now come the challenging part…gift wrapping and figuring out how I am going to pack everything in my suitcase! >_<

Can’t wait to be home to place everything under a sparkly, orby lighted tree!




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Random Drugstore Beauty Find!

I love stumbling across random beauty finds at the drugstore…so when my friend and I were perusing the aisles at our neighborhood Bartells we were both immediately drawn to the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss!


After very little deliberation we both decided to pick one up and now we are both OBSESSED with this product!!  I kid you not when I say that this lip butter is amazing!  The texture, color and scent are all on point…it’s a winner1



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Maximum Strength!!

So prior to boarding my flight to Maui, I decided to stop into the Butter London nail salon for a quick manicure.  The manicurist mentioned that my nails were peeling (gross and embarrassing…I know) and that I should start using some sort of nail strengthener.

So for the past 3 weeks I have been using this Sally Hansen Maximum Strength nail treatment.

photo 3

And I can honestly say that this stuff has worked wonders! I use it as a base coat for my regular nail polishes and have been noticed that my nails have been peeling and chipping far less!  And for under $7.00 you really can’t beat it!!



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Damn Dry Skin!

Well it’s officially Fall folks and my skin is already hella dry!!!

 And while we may have only had a few days of unpleasant weather so far, I am already reaching for my moisturizers and lotions constantly!!

 It’s a never ending challenge trying to avoid looking like I have crocodile skin.  But I have found sweet relief in the following two products:


 I am obsessed with this Sweet Love body lotion by Bodycology.  One of my good friends had been ranting and raving about this product, so I decided to pick it up at my local drugstore and I have been hooked ever since!  And I just love the scent…imagine a light floral mixed with sweet vanilla.  Soooo gooooood!


And you all know how much I love the CeraVe skincare line.  So it is only natural that I would be gravitating towards their light facial moisturizers.  I love wearing the PM version when I know I am going to be spending the days in doors as the formula is just a little bit lighter than their SPF version.

 Well I hope you all are staying moisturized out there and enjoying the fall weather!



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Well ain’t she fancy!

Ok, so I need EVERYTHING in this picture!!


 I need the bunny, the leather gloves, and the embellished jacket!

I would also like for someone to come by and set my hair in soft romantic waves…all while standing by some body of water looking all model-like.

Now if I had ALL that going on…I could officially classify myself as “fancy.”

 Well I hope you all are having a fabulous and fancy Saturday!



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Face Packs

Well nothing says “beauty” more than wearing a face pack that makes you look like a serial killer!

Bam! Check out these supa (oh ya, I said “supa” instead of “super,” cause I am down like that) fun new face packs I picked up from the beauty section at my local Asian grocery store.


 And for those of you who weren’t aware…many Asian makeup brands offer some of the best skincare beauty products out in the market! I mean who do you think created BB Creams?!

I typically gravitate towards the Collagen masks as I want to help fill any premature fine lines and I know that my skin does well with Collagen based masks. I think I might try the Sweet Honey mask tonight!



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City View

Now we all have some sort of picture in our head of what our dream home may look like.  For some it maybe a beautiful two story home with a white picket fence out in the suburbs; or it might even be a peaceful cottage in the country with a wrap around porch.

But for me, I have always gotten the “warm and fuzzy’s” over the thought of living in a high rise condo in the heart of some big metropolitan city.  Someplace that has large windows to gaze out onto the streets to see people coming and going during the day and to watch the little light orbs of street traffic moving at night.

IMG_6530 nightview IMG_6527 paris girlwindow nightsky2

(All pictures are from We Heart It.)

There is something so awesome about city living…I think it has to do with all of the “life” that you are constantly surrounded by.  People constantly coming in, and people constantly going out…



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