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Damn Dry Skin!

Well it’s officially Fall folks and my skin is already hella dry!!!

 And while we may have only had a few days of unpleasant weather so far, I am already reaching for my moisturizers and lotions constantly!!

 It’s a never ending challenge trying to avoid looking like I have crocodile skin.  But I have found sweet relief in the following two products:


 I am obsessed with this Sweet Love body lotion by Bodycology.  One of my good friends had been ranting and raving about this product, so I decided to pick it up at my local drugstore and I have been hooked ever since!  And I just love the scent…imagine a light floral mixed with sweet vanilla.  Soooo gooooood!


And you all know how much I love the CeraVe skincare line.  So it is only natural that I would be gravitating towards their light facial moisturizers.  I love wearing the PM version when I know I am going to be spending the days in doors as the formula is just a little bit lighter than their SPF version.

 Well I hope you all are staying moisturized out there and enjoying the fall weather!



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I love Kiehl’s products…everything from their Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter to their infamous lip balms.  So when they came out with their Ultra Facial Oil-Free 3 Step Kit I purchased myself a set!

Now, I am not even going to lie.  I purchased these way back in February and placed them in my medicine cabinet where they laid untouched until 2 weeks ago when I rediscovered them behind some LUSH products!  And so far I am loving everything!

The cleanser does a good job of removing makeup and excess oil w/o stripping my face and making it too dry.  The toner does exactly what it should and I will most likely repurchase this product in the full size.  As for the lotion I like it, but I am not in love with it.  I find that it never really sinks into my skin and when I touch my face a couple of hours after I apply it I can still feel it.

All in all, a pretty good purchase…Kiehl’s, you never disappoint!



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Gilly Hicks Lotions

While out this past weekend I picked up a few lotions at Gilly Hicks that were on clearance for supa cheap!

If memory serves me right these were $4.90 each, then take an additional 40% off. So I believe they were under $3.00 plus tax…luvs it!

My skin has been exceptionally dry because of this “extended” winter weather we have been having up here in the NW. Like think crocodile dry skin…gross, I know. So I have really been enjoying the Poppy Belle scent right now, especially right after I get out of the shower to moisturizer my dry arms and legs!

Anyone else tried out the other scents Gilly has to offer?



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