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Delicate Rings

Fact: Etsy is my crack.

I can literally spend hours upon hours pursuing that website and not even realize it.  I also love the fact that everything on there is primarily handcrafted and homemade.  Makes me feel a little better knowing that I am supporting some of the smaller independent businesses out there.

Now as of the late my drug of choice has been all of the thin, delicate rings on the website!  These ones in particular have me drooling…

I love how dainty and delicate these rings look…so pretty!

I am planning on ordering up a few rings soon!  So once I get them I will make sure to take a few pictures to share with all of you!



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Recently, I have been obsessing over jewelry with raw or uncut stones.  Whether it’s delicate raw crystal rings, or geode necklaces or various uncut gem earrings…I WANT IT ALL!!!

I recently discovered Etsy.com and have spent numerous hours browsing through all of the beautiful handcrafted jewelry!

But I would have to say that the drusy jewelry has mainly captured my attention.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with drusy, it is essentially tiny quartz crystals that have formed either in or on the surface of another stone.  All in all it looks like a very glittery stone…so pretty!

Check out the below smatterings of some of the drusy pieces that I am currently lusting over…

Cheers to awesome jewelry!


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Ombre Tights

I want a pair of ombre tights…like REAL BAD!

I mean how cute are the below pictures?!


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a pair anywhere!  And what I have been able to find has been online only on Etsy & they don’t currently have my size available. Insert a sad, very sad face right here.

How adorable would these be during a nice spring day?!



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