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Floral Boots

I find that I have this strange dichotomy to my personal style…I am naturally drawn to more girly, frilly things, but at the same time I also enjoy edgier, more punk styles as well.

The best is when I am able to marry the two styles into one!

Take for instance Dr. Marten boots. The are so quintessentially “punk,” but when you add girly details, like the floral patterns pictures below they instantly becoming cutesy!


I have been really lusting after the black floral pair pictured below…


I tried them on in the store awhile back and they did not fit properly, but the sales associate mentioned that they were having some “fit” issues with the black floral canvas boots. So I am planning on going back sometime soon to try on the leather floral styles to see if they fit better!

Seriously, how cute are these?

I will let you know how it all turns out! Maybe there will be a OOTD post in the near future!



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I have noticed that my blog posts have seriously been lacking the past couple of months, so I am definitely going to try and make more of an effort to blog more often.
So I bring to you a quick OOTD post!!
It has finally cooled down after that little heat wave we’ve had over the past couple of weeks here in the NW so I decided to sport the tall boots and shorts.
I was going for that super casual and laid back look.  I am all about clothing that is easy to wear but looks pulled together…cause let’s be honest, I spend about 15 seconds in the morning picking out my outfits.
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It has been awhile since my last OOTD post…so I thought I would take a quick picture of what I was wearing today.

I will be honest I looked way more put together and less haggard this morning…but that was prior to 5 buses, 8 hours of work, and 3 hours of class!!

On top I am sporting my Chenault Blouse (purchased at Nordstroms awhile back), with a pair of coral denim crops & my beige Dolce Vita Bootie Wedges (purchased off of MyHabit a few months ago).

Maybe I will start a whole string of OOTDs with colorful pants…that could be fun!

Sorry, the picture quality is so poor.  I am working on getting something better, something more blog worthy.



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Train Traveling!

So my mother called me a few weeks ago asking when I was going to grace her and the rest of my family with my presence and beauty…and I pretty much told her that I would come down when she paid for a first class train ticket to Portland.

So here I am sitting in a very comfortable leather chair sipping on a bottle of red wine (yes, a whole bottle don’t judge) for the 4 hour journey down south.

Now not everyone likes traveling by train. There can be huge delays or even worse you could get stuck in coach with what I like to call the “regulars.” I believe my family has heard a horror story or two of me being stuck next to annoying “regular” for multiple hours.

But for the most part I have this very romantic/idyllic view of train travel.  I mean where else can you sit down, enjoy some good wine, watch the sun set and watch the world pass by slowly?

Here is a little collage to either inspire or get you into the mood to go on your own railroad adventure!



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