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Maps and Various Globe Trekking

As many of you may already know, I am truly a wanderlust child…hence the name of this blog! 

If money were no object I would spend the rest of my days traveling to the farthest lands. I would make it my goal to experience a little bit of each culture out there.

 Unfortunately, I do not have a limitless bank account (mine is barely hovering over the positive right now thanks to my student loans).  But I have been blessed to have filled up quite a few pages in my passport with stamps from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Mexico and <insert sarcasm> the great land of Canada!

And while I wish more of my time was spent getting on planes crossing international borders, the above mentioned student loans have put a serious damper on my traveling fund.

So when I am feeling a little wanderlust I LOVE to look at maps!  Yes, I said maps!  I think they are so cool!  If any of my friends or family are reading this, I believe a leather bound atlas or book of maps would suffice for my next Birthday or Christmas present…ha ha. 

But I also love the idea of having maps as home decor.  Check out the below images that I have been obsessing over…


I am definitely going to start incorporating more maps in my decor! Now I begin the hunt for the perfect vintage-y looking globe!

Cheers to Future Travels!


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